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NEWS: Joe Green (@JOEGREEN_SME) Signs With Nitti Beatz (@NITTIBEATZ)?

CASEY LUCUS, JR. “AKA” JOE GREEN, BORN APRIL 26, 1984...Indie Artist. The Scottdale, Georgia
native Joe Green’s efforts and talents are considered a rare gem. Every ghetto has one! In the year 2000
Scottdale, Georgia spawned Joe Green. He brought forth the edge, attitude, and relentless dedication to
street music. Having these rare qualities…He was embraced as an elite rap artist. Green’s likeness to “Mean
Joe Green” (MJG) the four-time Super Bowl Champion earned him the nickname “Joe Green”. Joe Green
“the artist” earned this name from his delivery of super lyrics that produces a dramatic lyrical concussion
to anyone brave enough to step into his cipher. “I’m bringing lyrical Crunk to the game”, Green adds. With
that being said, “Game Time”.

Joe Green is destined to become an “A” list artist. He did not look for rap… “It found him”. Green was
approached by members of a local group that recruited him as their fourth member. He was quickly seen as
the member “who stood out more than the rest”. His popularity among his hood increased. Green’s peers
encouraged him to go solo. Green came to the realization that his talents were exceptional and he needed
to explore music as a solo artist. Taking that leap of faith proved to be the right move for Green. Taking
well known hoods and streets by storm with his true depiction of life in the hood, Green immediately gained
the respect of well-known rap artist as, “a force to be reckoned with”.

In 2006 Green started his own label, "Skreet Money Entertainment" (SME), enlisting Tyrone Barnett
and Chris Arriola as his business partners. His brand as “Joe Green – SME” was instantly noticed by
entertainers across the Southeast. “There was no turning back for Green”. He began by setting the stage
with his mixtape titled, “Who am I”. This mixtape was a collection of energetic tunes produced by famous
producer “Mixzo”. “In Da Bottom” featured platinum artist Juvenile of "Hot Boyz", and Green also featured
legendary rapper "Too Short" on the track, "Baddest Bitch". Green's work continued into 2006, with
"Mr.Pyrex", hosted by Atlanta's legendary “DJ Greg Street, of the popular Atlanta based radio station,
V103”. This would be “one” of the most successful mixtapes for Green. It gained him fans spanning the
globe. Featured songs from this mixtape were “Gone Chop”, “Get Dat Doe”, and “Atlanta Home Boy”.
Green's mixtape got the attention of DJ's throughout the South and simultaneously creating a fan base in
the Midwest as well. In 2008, Green drops a mixtape titled "Glass House" hosted by "Dutty Laundry", this
would prove Green to be “worthy of notice” since “Glass House” became another widespread mixtape in the

Joe Green’s popularity among major rap artist created a buzz in hoods all over the map. The world is
“going Green” as the bid for this artist keeps rising. He began collaborating with artists such as “Gucci
Mane, Mannish Man, Juvenile, and Zaytoven”. Green created hits from his release of "Glass House" such
as, “Got Damn” and “Grittin my Teeth”, (feat. Gucci Mane), “Swagger” (feat.Hogg), “Numbers” (produced
by Zaytoven), and “In the Trap" (feat. Skreet Money crew). Green continues to add numbers at an
alarming rate to his fan base. Recently, he dropped another mixtape titled, "Married to these Streets".
This mixtape was hosted by the popular "DJ Holiday”. Featured songs like, “Whole Thang”, “Big Boy”,
“Thank my Plug”, and “Holiday”. Green’s vast repertoires of tunes are a reflection of his true dedication to
the genre known as “Rap”.

It is now 2012 and Joe Green is considered a major “up ticker” in several music markets. Green has
solo-handedly taken his brand to the next level. September 2012 Green enlisted the services of his
manager Patra Sims Ceo of, RIMM GLOBAL MEDIA CORP (label). Patra vowed that, “The world will go

He recently collaborated with rap artist “Trouble” to create a duet single titled, “Street Life”. The
single has not been officially release but is well anticipated by his fans. September 2012 the duet filmed
their video for “Street Life” set to premier, October 2012. However, the video trailer is now available on
YouTube. The demand for Green continues to increase. Green recently shot his video, “Trick Off” due for
release December 2012. "The Residue" is also a project Green is currently working on. This mixtape will
feature major rap artists and DJs of the South, such as, “Big Gee”, “Gangsta Boo”, “Trouble”, Coalition
DJs, and Black Bill Gates (DJ Scream: King Sh*t). September proved to be filled with great opportunity
for Green as he opened up for, “Lil Scrappy, Rasheeda, Tocarra Hamilton” for the “Love & Hip Hop”
concert in Atlanta. He also performed as a featured artist for the “Pre-BET Source Magazine” concert,
and the “Rock the Vote” concert held in Atlanta during the month of September 2012. Green is featured
on a fast rising tune released November 2012 with Charlie Boy Gang, entitled “Hit me on my line”. He has
pending projects with artists such as, “Blair Wittch, and Zeeh” of (RIMM Global Media Corp Label) Green
already has what it takes to become a star because of his excellent work ethics. Stay tuned for more
breaking news as this artist will make the world go “Green”.

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