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NEWS: Lil Wayne's (@LilTunechi) Obsession with LeBron Has Reached ‘Stalking Status’?

The ongoing dispute between Lil Wayne and Lebron James boiled over Sunday Night when Weezy’s entitlement issues reared its ugly head once again as he went on a profanity laced tirade aimed at the Miami Heat star and his teammates.

The Young Money rapper claims his issue with LeBron stems from not receiving respect from the MVP and the Miami Heat staff, and those close to LeBron have reached a similar reasoning, but they take it a bit further: They claim Lil Wayne is not only jealous of LeBron, but he is also obsessed with him.

According to a member of LeBron’s inner-circle who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Lil Wayne over the years has continuously made efforts into building a relationship with LeBron, similar to what the MVP shares with Jay Z.

And this has included invites for concert appearances, birthday parties and video sessions, but LeBron through the years has respectfully declined. “LeBron is extremely busy, he respects Lil Wayne and his peers in the entertainment industry, but he just doesn’t like to be bothered like that” says the source.

There has always been reports of Lil Wayne regarding his self-entitlement issues, and the obsequious flattery that his inner-circle showers him with on a constant basis only adds to his inflated ego. So when LeBron refuses to accept his friendship request, Lil Wayne doesn’t know how to handle rejection and resorts to displaying childish temper tantrums. And that is seemingly the issue Lil Wayne has with LeBron according to the source.

A lot of it also stems from jealousy, no longer is Lil Wayne the top draw at events in Miami; Club Liv, the trendy hotspot on South Beach held a birthday party for Miami native DJ Khaled last year. A star-studded event that included P.Diddy, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and others. Usually, Lil Wayne holds top billing at Liv, not that night, as LeBron and his entourage of 12 entered the party, all eyes shifted away from the stage Lil Wayne was performing on and towards the 3-time league MVP and his crew.

Jealousy breeds contempt, and in an entertainment world that has unquestionably accepted the Lil Wayne mythology, LeBron’s dismissal is seen as a form of disrespect to Lil Wayne.

Lebron is one of the few entertainers that transcends into different walks of life, he not only dominates the NBA, but he’s become an ubiquitous corporate pitchman, so much so that every move is calculated by his public relations company LRMR, every appearance needs approval, and everything he utters is closely monitored by the corporate advertisers that dish out millions for him to endorse their products. And befriending a controversial rapper who was just released from prison just isn’t productive for LeBron’s image.

“It’s an unhealthy obsession” says the source, but he reiterates that LeBron does respect the Young Money rapper and has no ill-will towards him, but he’s not going to bend over backwards to appease him.

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    @DJSMALLZ AKA MR. SOUTHERN SMOKE - BLOG - NEWS: Lil Wayne's (@LilTunechi) Obsession with LeBron Has Reached ‘Stalking Status’?
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    @DJSMALLZ AKA MR. SOUTHERN SMOKE - BLOG - NEWS: Lil Wayne's (@LilTunechi) Obsession with LeBron Has Reached ‘Stalking Status’?
  • Response
    @DJSMALLZ AKA MR. SOUTHERN SMOKE - BLOG - NEWS: Lil Wayne's (@LilTunechi) Obsession with LeBron Has Reached ‘Stalking Status’?
  • Response
    @DJSMALLZ AKA MR. SOUTHERN SMOKE - BLOG - NEWS: Lil Wayne's (@LilTunechi) Obsession with LeBron Has Reached ‘Stalking Status’?

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