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Ginuwine Feat. Trina – Batteries [Promo Video]

Here is a premiere of Ginuwine's new uptempo track “Batteries” featuring Trina, from this “unofficial” promo video starring Roxy Reynolds. The video states it is a promo for G’s new album Elgin, but he has stated it is not his doing. Definitely not suitable for the office or kids.


Juicy J - Talkin Bout (Bombay Gin Dance)


J Futuristic - Dont Want No Swag


Nicki Minaj Admits To Being A Lesbian During Interview Or Was That Some Lookalike?

Shows Voice Resemblance From 2006 Footage Alleged To Be Her & An Affair With Remy Ma


Fear Factor Alert: Dukwon (Jacksonville, FL)


Trill Exec's Denounce 'Thug Lawyer'; Deny Any Affiliation To Attorney

Two Trill Entertainment executives have denounced all ties with the self-proclaimed "Thug Lawyer" Peter Q. John, who's name hit headlines as he prepares a defense for rapper Big Unk Aka Mr. Real Estate, who was busted with 150 pounds of pot last week.

Marcus Roach and Melvin Vernell Jr. released a statement to to distance themselves from Peter John, who is also known as the "Thug's Lawyer" and "P'Ta Mon."

"The misinformation originally posted on an unofficial fan blog quickly saturated the internet, mostly in the form of re-posts of the same inaccurate information," a rep for the pair said in a statement. "While some of the media accurately detailed the information, incorrect media reports, along with the instantaneous reach of stories circulated on the web from unauthorized sources were quickly cited as likely culprits in disseminating the wrong information."

In December of 2010, a Baton Rogue judge reinstated attempted-murder charges against Roach and Vernell, over claims that they shot local rapper Bruce "Beelow" Moore in the face in July of 2005, for allegedly bootlegging Trill Entertainment products.

Roach and Vernell Jr., are preparing to face trial over the charges, which were originally dismissed twice: once in 2006 at the request of witnesses and again in 2009, because prosecutors waited too long to charge the duo.

A judge reversed the 2009 ruling when prosectors appealed once again, stating that there was no evidence that the District Attorney missed the time limit to try the men.

"The two have not only denounced any affiliation with Peter “P’Ta Mon” John, but clarified for reports that John represented the plaintiff, Bruce 'Beelow' Moore, in the aforementioned case," a rep for Roach and Vernell said. "John never at any point represented or acted on behalf of Trill Entertainment."

Peter John faces legal problems for allegedly attempting to reach a settlement with the victims regarding the murder trial.

John has pleaded innocent to charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy and felony theft. He is free on bail.


Nicki Minaj Launching Official App For Smartphones

Nicki Minaj will be the latest artist to attempt to cash in on Apple's iPhone craze, with the launch of her own branded App tomorrow via iTunes.

While there are currently two Nicki Minaj related Apps in the iTunes store being sold, neither of them appear to be endorsed by the Young Money rapper, who revealed that her official App would go on sale tomorrow (January 27th).

The release of Nicki's App comes on the heels of the news that the iTunes App Store surpassed 10 billion downloads as of Friday (January 21st).

That number is expected to surge to 185 billion by 2014, with the advance of Tablet computing in the marketplace.

Tomorrow, Nicki Minaj will premiere the video for her latest single "Moment 4 Life" on MTV, in addition to launching her new Nicki Minaj App.


Yung Joc Offers 'Prayers' To Ricky Romance Over 'Yung Jocstrap' Diss

Yung Joc has responded to a diss track released by former B2K group member Ricky Romance.

Earlier this week, Ricky Romance dropped the song "Yung Jocstrap," after Yung Joc's bodyguards were accused of beating up Ricky Romance's brother Raz-B during The Salute The DJ's Awards show in Atalnta at the Atrium.

On the song, Ricky Romance claims Yung Joc is banned from returning the West Coast and makes several violent threats against Yung Joc's life.

Shortly after Raz B. was assaulted, Yung Joc took to his Twitter account to address the growing speculation that he ordered Raz's beatdown over previous comments Yung Joc made about he made about Yung Joc in interviews.

"My prayers go out to you and your family," Yung Joc said in response to the track "Yung Jocstrap." "I'm not even gonna address you anymore cause its useless. What would I gain from it?"

Earlier in the week, Yung Joc expounded on the beef with Atlanta radio station V103 during an interview with radio host Lil Bankhead.

"If he wanna feel like he wanna have to do with it, that's on him. From what I was told homie kicked the man's equipment at the bottom of the steps so they wouldn't let him on stage, that's why security put him out. When security was putting him out he started acting extra irate."


Uncle Luke Says Oprah Has 'Come To Her Senses' In Hip-Hop Battle

Rapper/mogul Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell recently gave props to media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who recently launched her new cable TV channel, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).

Uncle Luke was pleased with the launch of OWN, because after years of criticizing Hip-Hop, Oprah was forced to acknowledge the power of the genre with the debut of the series Master Class, which featured superstar entertainer, Jay-Z.

"By debuting with Jay-Z, she is acknowledging she needs rappers to generate interest and revenue for her new media venture. I'm happy to see that after spending so many years bashing rap music, Oprah has come to her senses," Uncle Luke told the Miami New Times.

Over the years, Oprah has criticized the lyrical content of some rappers and reports have claimed that she "banned" Hip-Hop artists from her show, although that has changed in recent years.

In 2006, Oprah invited cast members of the movie Crash on her show, but didn't extend the invitation to Ludacris.

When he was finally accepted to appear with the other cast members, Oprah took aim at the rapper and then allegedly edited out his responses, prompting Luda to speak out.

As a result, rappers like Ice Cube and 50 Cent public condemned Oprah, who eventually capitulated to the pressure and ended up featuring Jay-Z on the Oprah Winfrey Show in late 2009.

"I listen to some Hip-Hop. I've been accused of not liking Hip-Hop and that's just not true," Oprah said in 2009. "I got a little 50 [Cent] in my iPod. I really do. I like 'In Da Club.' Have you heard the beat to 'In Da Club'? Love that, love Jay-Z, love Kanye, love Mary J. Mary J. is one of my friends."

According to Uncle Luke, now that Oprah Winfrey is in control of her own network, she has no choice.

Hip-Hop has become such a global force, that even Oprah Winfrey must submit to the power and influence of the genre.

"She's realized she can't have a network that appeals to just vanilla audiences," Uncle Luke explained. "For her to debut a show called Master Class with Jay-Z, whose lyrics are controversial and explicit, says a whole lot about the direction in which OWN is going."


First it was an R&B mixtape, then just a RAP album, and now its a Reggae project?


Canadian rapper Drake recently revealed that he is exploring the option of dropping a Reggae album, which he may start working on at the end of his European tour.

Drake appeared on the Canadian network MuchMusic, where he broke the news during an interview with T. RexXx on the Hip-Hop show Rap City.

“I wanna do something for Jamaica, because we are supposed to go out there and record after the European tour,” Drake said. “I was like send me some rhythms that are poppin and I’ll see what I can do. He sent me some rhythms that are poppin, so I’ll see what I can do. You never know.”

Drake’s possible Reggae project comes on the heels of reports that he will collaborate with award-winning indie rock band Florence and The Machine, as well as The xx.

Drake is currently in negotiations to star in the financial thriller “Arbitrage” alongside veteran actor Al Pacino.

The news of a full album could quite possibly draw the wrath of the Jamaican government, who condemned Drake’s last collaboration with an artist from Jamaica.

In May of 2010, Jamaica’s Minster of Tourism spoke out against the portrayal of the country in Drake’s hit song with dancehall artist Mavado titled “Find Your Love.”

“We just have to say that care has to be taken by all, including our creative artistes, in portraying images of our destination and people,” Bartlett told the Jamaican Gleaner. “Gun culture, while not unique to Jamaica, is not enhancing (the island’s image).