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David Banner & 9th Wonder Talk Illuminati

The presumed relationship between Hip-Hop and the shadowy secret society known as the Illuminati is one that never ceases to illicit a conversation from the rational and the conspiracy theorist alike. got the views and opinions of David Banner and 9th Wonder, both of which have worked with acts allegedly affiliated with the Illuminati. Read the conversation, for it also acts as a challenge to those that make such claim on African American artist.
I wanted to ask you a question, switch into a little bit of different question.  I was going back on Twitter a little bit a go, and we were asking about The Illuminati  and some of us were asking if that was an extension of Willie Lynch, a plant for Black people to tear each other down.  The latest I heard from the theorists is that Willow Smith is in the Illuminati  now… I’m like “Ok…wow...”

9th Wonder: Listen man, listen man, listen man…

David Banner: Can I… Can I answer this one man, and then I will let 9th answer this one. As far as Black folks and the f**kin' Illuminati … that’s some bulls**t.  The Illuminati has always existed and now since it’s become trendy, because people started talking about it with Jay-Z, they want to talk about Black folks in the Illuminati .  Black folks who are in the Illuminati don’t have no mutha f**kin’ power.  Black folks truly in the Illuminati are in the ground stages and they are gatekeepers.  They don’t know anything.  You want to talk about people in the Illuminati talk about white folks!  The truth is, most Black people that talk s**t are scared of white folks in power.  You want to talk about Illuminati, and you don’t talk about white folks! You are a f**kin’ coward.

9th Wonder: Real talk…

David Banner:
I’m sick of that s**t, tell all these Internet ass n***as talkin’ bout the Illuminati to talk about white folks with power! But if they know it they talk about white folks with power they electricity will go off. n***as on the Internet are f**king cowards! If you gonna talk about the Illuminati, don’t break down black men, break down the mutha f**kas that started that s**t… That enslaved your mother and your father and your grandmother.  I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.  

9th Wonder: Haha he ain’t lying…

David Banner: I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.  You gonna talk about the Illuminati, research the Illuminati and you show me one f**king president that wasn’t a part of it.  But you won’t talk about them!  n***as is cowards!  I don’t wanna hear that s**t.  Keep yo’ mutha f**kin’ DVD n***a. That’s the whole David Banner… (laughs)

David Banner:
I’m sorry 9th Wonder.  (laughs)

9th Wonder: It’s all good man. You beat me to it man.  Just like you said with Willie Lynch, it’s just a way to make people, they will do anything to turn Black people against each other.  They’ll really do anything man.  They will really do anything. They make Jay and Beyonce, this that and the third, to make them look like they are in the Illuminati. Half of the people at home, sitting there looking at the internet and at the DVD’s don’t even know what Illuminati really is.  They have no idea man.  If you really want to research what is going on, its all on the internet. You can really research whats going on, but don’t talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce, blah, blah, blah, this and that, lets talk about all the drugs getting pumped into our country, we don’t own no boats, who you think is running that?

Trust me this country is full of problems and all these world problems have less to do with a Black person and more to do with someone else.  But they don’t want to talk about that because their power will go off.  So cats is still just on that Jay-Z Illuminati instead of looking at the real problem.  They think Jay-Z is the problem and then go to work the next day and don’t look at their boss man. But that’s crazy man.  Like I don’t understand it.  They need to find something else to talk about, I get that question a lot because I worked with Jay on the Black Album.  So a lot of cats ask me that.  Come on man, I know y’all got more stuff to worry about than asking me that dumb stuff.  

David Banner:
And 9th… if he is… He ain’t calling no shots.  Like if we really...

9th Wonder:  Right…

David Banner: If we really gonna talk about it. I’m cutting the head off. I ain’t dealing with no minions brother. Right, right, right…

David Banner:
And…. Well… No I ain’t event going to get into that.  Then Black folks will sure enough get mad. What?

David Banner: Nah man I think I’m gonna keep this one to myself.  I’m learning more and more everyday that everything ain’t for everybody. But n***a’s sit around and talk that s**t, and sit around among a group of ourselves in secret societies every motha f**kin’ day.

The thing with Death of a Pop Star, it’s about the truth, its about the soul, about not cutting corners, it’s about our kids.  I’m not running away from that man.  I saw a DVD about Mary Mary.  They were trying to say Mary was in the Illuminati, I know them girls.  That’s some bulls**t.  Them girls don’t praise nothing but God. Man that made me so mad man.  When real stuff happens like oil or Katrina, I don’t see them same people fighting and standing up for that. When a little girl gets molested in the hood, or in Oakland when that boy got shot by the cops, I don’t see them folks standing up. 


Romeo Lands Role As 'Lil Z' on NBC Series 'The Cape'

Rapper/CEO Romeo has landed a high profile role on NBC's new hit seres The Cape, which debuted earlier this month.

Romeo, who is the son of Hip-Hop mogul Master P., will play "Lil' Z," the "wise cracking" sidekick of Michael Irby's character "Pokerface," who was also just added to the show's line up.

Romeo, who recently took over as head of his father's No Limit imprint by turning it into an all-digital label, has had roles in a series of hits, including the Nickelodeon series Romeo!, Honey and the upcoming flick Jumping the Broom, which also stars Meagan Goode, Mike Epps, Paula Patton and others.

The Cape
is a new drama on NBC that centers around a police officer who turns into a masked hero, after he was framed for a crime that he didn't commit.

In addition to Romeo and Michael Irby, The Cape stars Martin Klebba, Izabella Miko, Keith David and others.

The show airs every Monday at 9:00 PM.


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Nicki Minaj Holds on to Leading Spot on the Charts

Nicki Minaj isn’t just the Princess of Young Money, the Queens talent is also the top hip-hop act on The Billboard Top 200 album chart.

While she slipped three spots from last week to No. 5, Minaj is still the highest selling rap artist for the second week in a row with 31,900 copies of her debut LP, Pink Friday, flying off the shelves over the last seven days. While the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) already certified the disc platinum, she has yet to officially move one million units. According to Nielsen SoundScan, PF sold 922,400 copies after 2 months on the charts.

Five spots down at No. 10 is Nicki’s “Monster” collaborator Kanye West. Yeezy’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was purchased 25.200 times this sales cycle, making his overall stats equal 940,600.

Eminem, who experienced a huge boost in sales over the holiday season, is making his way back down the charts as he slipped nine seats to No. 14. Fans still bagged up an additional 21,400 copies of Recovery this week, giving Em a 30-week total of 3,469,700.

Closing out the Top 40 is T.I. and Lil Wayne. Tip’s No Mercy fell to No. 24 this go-round, while Weezy’s I Am Not A Human Being tripped two slots to No. 27. The King of the South added about 14,800 CDs to his overall tally, which now sits at 367,400. Wayne scooped up around 12,200 customers, bringing his 16-week total to 691,900.


Lil Wayne Covers Rolling Stone

Lil Wayne strikes a pose for his third Rolling Stone cover. The issue marks his first print interview since his release from jail last November. Below are a few excerpts. The mag hits newsstands January 21st.

On Gambling For Commisary:

“I’d bust a nigga’s ass at Uno,” he told writer Josh Eells. “We gamble for phone time. I’d take nigga’s commissary: Lemme get them cookies, lemme get them chips, get that soup.”

On LeBron James and Dwayne Wade

When Wayne sat court-side at a recent Miami Heat/New Orleans Hornets game he was upset that Lebron James and Dwayne Wade never came over to talk to him. “Them niggas never speak to a nigga,” he says. “They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. Nigga spent all that money on them fucking tickets… Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass niggas. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”

On Solitary Confidment

He spent his final month in jail in solitary after he was caught with an iPod charger in his cell. It could have been worse: He also had a watch with an MP3 player on it, but another inmate took the rap. “He was a solid nigga,” says Wayne. “Shout-out to Charles…Solitary was the worst. No TV. No radio. No commissary. Basically you’re in there 23 hours a day.” The only upside was he had a window where he could watch cars go by. “I used to sit at that motherfucker all day,” he says.

New Reading Material

In prison he read biographies of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Joan Jett, Vince Lombardi and Anthony Kiedis. “[Kiedis'] Scar Tissue was really good,” he says. “I also read the Bible for the first time. It was deep! I liked the parts where some character was once this, but he ended up being that. Like he’d be dissing Jesus, and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool.”


Birdman, Trina, Diamond, Mack Maine Party With Ne-Yo at Liv in Miami

Trina, Birdman, and Ne-Yo are the kind of celebrities lounging in VIP on a Sunday evening at LIV in Miami Beach. But what do you do when you're partying with the best and want to show them a good time - tell your hostess you would like to order 25 bottles of Moet & Chandon's Nectar Imperial Rosè better known in the urban world as "bottles of Rosè". Of course, when you're really looking to really impress your guests... sign for it.


Travis Porter Speaks on Success, New LP 'Porterland'

Atlanta-based trio Travis Porter recently sat down to speak with about the group’s recent success and their hit song “Make it Rain.”

The track shot up the Billboard charts,  reaching as high as #14 on the Rap/Hip-Hop charts and #100 on the Hot 100.

Additionally, Florida rappers Rick Ross and T-Pain made popular remixes of the song, and while no official remix has been released yet, the group seems to be happy with how the Hip-Hop community has embraced their recent hit.

“The song is Top 20, Top 15, we felt that feeling before, because when we dropped ‘All The Way Turnt Up’, that thing went crazy in a matter of months,” group member Quez explained to “So we are used to feeling the hype. It feels good to go to people’s states and being able to take n****s b*****s and s**t."

“Remix hasn’t dropped yet, but I f**k wit Rick Ross verse,” Quez continued. “It feels good to feel people diggin yo’ s**t and feeling it, something that you made and having your verses heard by big names.”

Travis Porter announced a major deal with Jive Records in November of 2010, after a long independent grind. They said the trials and tribulations that came with being independent prepared them for their major label deal.

“Its really not a process, its just like, you grind and you doing your job,” Travis Porter group member Lakeem told “Since you got signed, you got that push. It don’t stop though, just since you get signed. You get the bigger push, that bigger look. It’s like radio, and radio costs.”

The group is looking to build a buzz before their official album, Porterland drops.

“Your grind don’t stop when you signed, its like the whole world's eyes is on you,” group member Strap told “We bout to shoot the 'Bring it Back' video. We working.”