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Bow Wow Feat Soulja Boy – Get Money


Plies Gets Hit With Cup While Performing And Says He Will Shoot Club Up


Soulja Boy (Feat. Trav & Tory Lanez) - Get At You


Gudda Gudda (Young Money) Gets Chain Snatched in Minnesota

Young Money hosted a show at Club Olmeca in Burnsville, MN which isn’t too far from the Twin Cities. Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine headlined the show and performed all of YM’s hits. Gudda was sporting a yellow gold dog tag with the YM emblem covered in black and red diamonds. During their performance of the song “Bedrock” a Cambodian blood gang that goes by the name G.M.F. began to flex their muscles. One member of G.M.F. snatched Gudda’s chain and jumped off stage. Gudda proceeded to jump into the crowd and strike the chain snatcher 3 to 4 times before security stepped in. The club broke into mayhem as the G.M.F. began fighting security. I was told the chain snatcher got beat up pretty badly but Gudda’s chain was no where to be found. This morning Gudda tweeted “Great show in Minnesota until this bum homie tried to snatch my chain and didnt make it out the club wit it! Nice try!


Birdman (Feat. Lil Wayne) - Fire Flame Remix


Nicki Minaj Kills Gay Rumors

Nicki Minaj wants to make sure everyone knows that she and Rhianna are not lesbian lovers. Minaj went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to debunk the rumors: “I don’t know where people got this really insane, hilarious, random rumor that she and I were living together.” Actually, it was probably that time Rhianna tweeted a picture of her and Nicki cuddling and said, “Me and Nikki in our new crib, lol!” To which Nicki responded: “If we’re gonna liv 2gthr and hook up u gotta learn how 2 spell my name!” Minaj was absolutely shocked that people misread something she wrote on Twitter: “It was like, ‘What?’ It’s like, you can’t even be sarcastic anymore. It was hilarious, though.”


Jamie Foxx Attends 2011 BET Honors 




Lil Wayne's Twitter Account Hacked, Shocking Messages Sent To Millions Of Fans

Lil Wayne  became the latest victim of hackers on Twitter earlier today (January 16th), when his account was compromised by an unknown individual.

As soon as the individual gained access to Wayne's account, the rapper's original name of "@liltunechi" was changed to "@LilChinetu" and a series of tweets started going out to Wayne's 1,268,468 followers.

The first message questionable message went out to 50 Cent, but the hacker soon directed his insults to Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy.

"I sent a donations to your paypal, check it, I heard you got 13,000 sales lil homie, i feel bad for you! #DamnSoulja"

Soon, the hacker started slandering Lil Wayne himself.

"The real reason I made 6'7 is cuz that's how tall the ni**a in rikers was that raped me," the individual tweeted about Lil Wayne to the shock of his fans.

"I went an entire year with kissing baby #withdrawls," the next message read.

As of press time, the individual is still tweeting from Lil Wayne's account.

Here are some of the tweets sent out from Lil Wayne's account:

@thegame you still owe me money for that My Life joint, how your family crip but you blood

@JOEYCRACKTS you fat ass n***a it on when i see you Why

@thegame mad his album never coming out while nicki is platinum

@grouchygreg asked me for a reach around over the amillie beat If

@KillaCham can hack @KanyeWest, how come

@drakkardnoircan't hack @LilTunechi?? And @tyga mom still in the hood? wtf my n***a


Bow Wow (Cash Money) Launches Under Rated Tour; Marks Debut Performance In The UK

Bow Wow will notch his first ever performance in the United Kingdom next month during the Under Rated Tour.

The rapper is slated to kick off the tour February 3rd in Lausanne, Switzerland at Club Amensia.

The tour will make its way through cities like  Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Ireland.

Bow Wow will then make his debut outing in the UK during three dates, including one February 28th at Sound Nightclub.

Tomorrow, (January 17th), Bow Wow is scheduled to debut the new video "Get Money" featuring Soulja Boy.

Bow Wow's Under Rated Tour dates are listed below:

Feb. 3rd - Lausanne, Switzerland - Club Amensia
Feb. 4th - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Hollywood Music Hall
Feb. 5th - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Club Melkweg
Feb. 11th - Nantes, France - Saalbau Rhypark
Feb. 12th - Basel, Switzerland - L'Atlantide
Feb. 25th - Copenhagen, Denmark - Amager Bio
Feb. 26th - Dublin - Venue TBA
Feb. 28th - London, UK - Sound Night Club
Mar. 1st - London, UK, Venue TBA
March 3rd - London, UK - Apollo
March 4th - Paris, France - Bodega