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Glasses Malone (Cash Money) Exec Producing/Starring In Flick 'The Division'

Cash Money Records artist Glasses Malone will executive produce his first short film titled The Division, which will feature the rapper as a drug kingpin in Los Angeles.

The Division, a Cash Money Records Film, was written by Charles Penniman and Malcolm M. Mays (Open Door) and will be directed by Max Albert, co-founder of Albert Mason Media.

Rounding out Glasses' production team include The Division Producer Darryl "Lucky" Rodgers (Assistant Director: S.W.A.T., Fire-Fight), associate producer Jamie Garnett and director of photography, Carlos Mason.

The Division centers around an L.A.P.D. Narcotics Detective named Richard Lasaro, who tracks the sophisticated drug operation run and overseen by the flick's Blu Division drug gang, which is headed up by Glasses Malone.

The flick focuses on Lasaro's professional and moral conflicts in his pursuit to bring down Glasses and stop the domination of Blu Division throughout Los Angeles.

Principle photography on The Division will begin in Los Angeles on January 15th, 2011.


Keyshia Cole Eyeing Tour With Nicki Minaj

As she preps for a tour to support her latest release, Calling All Hearts, Keyshia Cole is calling up some of her soulful friends to possibly hit the road with her next year.

The "Long Way Down" songstress took to Ustream on Tuesday, when her album dropped, to chop it up with fans, and mentioned she plans to head out on a trek in the spring but hasn't yet decided on an R&B-heavy tour roster or a hip-hop/soul outing alongside Young Money diva Nicki Minaj.

"[I'll go on tour] in March. We'll probably start promoting sometime in January, probably the end of January. We're trying to figure out who I'm gonna go on the road with. I had a conversation with Monica about a week ago about it and I told her I would love for her to come, and Faith [Evans] and Melanie Fiona and also Tank — just to add some kind of other flavor in there. But if not, if we don't do that tour, then it will probably be me and Nicki Minaj," she said. "I mean, I would love to go out with Nicki, so we'll see which one happens."

The songstress also opened about her relationship with her "I Ain't Thru" collaborator, Minaj, explaining that the two can relate due to their similar hardscrabble backgrounds. Cole, who is four albums into her career, said she often doles out props to Minaj as the lyricist continues her ascent to superstardom.

"We're cool, we're buddies," she said. "I see things on TV and I just call her to say congratulations, and stuff like that. I'll send her an email. I think she's great. I got love for Nicki. To be honest, she's a young girl that comes up the same kind of way I came up. We can relate in so many different ways, I'm very proud of her.

Who do you want to see Keyshia Cole hit the road with? Let us know in the comments!


Cyhi Da Prynce Co-starring Alley Boy & Whiteboy – Bunch Of Rounds [Trailer]


Nicki Minaj Surprised By Success: 'I Never Saw All Of This'


YHTN Presents: Before & After – Sean Garrett


Before & After is a series specifically dedicated to the Before & After activities of an up & coming artist before hitting the stage to perform and directly after. In these episodes you will receive insight revolving around the artist’s performance preparation, a peek inside some candid moments and a brief interview between LowKey and the artist. The interesting twist to this series: no performance footage.

In the third installment to “Before & After”, we follow Columbia Records newcomer Sean Garrett on the night of one of his most performances of his career: Highline Ballroom for BET’s Music Matters Tour finale. While Garrett doesn’t fail to remind us of his penmanship capabilities (he just landed his 17th #1 record for penning Usher’s “Papers” record), becoming a complete package is what he’s now aiming for. It’s been a long time coming for the Atlanta native, can he take it to the next level? You are now watching “Before & After.” ENJOY!

Dec222010 World Premiere! Rich Kid Shawty feat. 2 Pistols - Get Money Or Die


Diamond Addresses House Foreclosure 

Earlier this week gossip site,, reported that Atlanta rapper Diamond’s house recently went into foreclosure. XXLMag,com spoke to the former Crime Mob rapper to clear the air on her financial situation.

“It was a business decision, plain and simple,” the Jive/Battery Records artist told XXL. “I bought that house in ’02. It was a house I did live in at the time for about a year. But then I got into other rental properties and flipping my money and moved out of that house. The recession hit and the real estate market was not doing what it was supposed to do, so instead of selling it, I rented it out. Then the rental market slowed down, too. So I asked myself, ‘Should I keep this house when no one is buying it or renting it?’ If I can’t sell it, recoup my money or have anyone rent out the property, then why would I keep it? So I decided to let it go to foreclosure last year. “

“People do it all the time,” she continued. “Donald Trump does it. If a person can’t understand that, then they’re stupid.”

News of the foreclosure only magnified talk about Diamond’s troubled finances sparked by the October incident in which she had her car repossessed while on the set of a video shoot.

“That car was not repossessed,” she explained. “I got into an accident with my new Porsche truck and totaled it. Eight days later, I got the Camaro to hold me over until the insurance company sorted out the accident and I figured out if I wanted to get another Porsche truck or whatever. When I bought the car, I did enough (paperwork) to drive it off the lot. There were other documents they needed to complete the sale and I was sending those over. The person in charge of the remaining documents was not at work when I sent them, so that’s how everything got mixed up. It was nothing that I did. Besides, how can the car be repossessed if I just bought it? It wasn’t due for a payment, so how can I be late enough for it to be repossessed?”

Despite rumors to the contrary, the ATL-bred MC—whose current hit, “Lotta Money,” is getting renewed attention thanks to the new remix featuring Young Dro, Dorrough, Slim Thug, Twista and Trina—assures her fans that she is not in the throes of an economic crisis.

“It’s kind of funny that this is coming out now because I let the house go to foreclosure a long time ago,” Diamond said. “I guess with the courts and it finally going on the market, all of this is just now coming out. I’ve upgraded my place of residence four times since that first house. I don’t want to say where I live now, but I want my fans to know that I own the house that I live in now.”


Keyshia Cole Admits Nicki Minaj Single Was Wrong Choice

Keyshia Cole’s brand new album Calling All Hearts is in stores now. The soulful singer recently spoke to the Associated Press about her choice for the projects first offering. The Nicki Minaj assisted, uptempo “I Ain’t Thru”. The statement song, was Keyshia’s choice, and she says the label felt that she should have gone in a different direction. The single has not cracked the Billboard Hot 100 and is barely making noise on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, peaking at #58.

“The label didn’t really want to drop the record because they knew … that people wanted a more intense, soulful record from me about love and I really should have followed (their) direction,” she said. “But I wanted that to be a statement record. It’s like saying, ‘I’m doing me, you know. I don’t have no regrets for nothing that I’m doing.’”

“There’s no way to predict how people will respond to things,” said Ron Fair, chairman of Geffen Records. “It’s something that Keyshia really wanted to say.”

Keyshia stands by her artistic expression, however she also understand fans perception of her. “I just think that people expect me to be, you know, an artist that sings about just love. But I’m always growing as an artist and I have to feed my artistry,” she said.

They have already followed up the song with “Long Way Down,” which she says “people are gravitating more toward” because of its mid-tempo groove and focus on love; the song was released to radio last week.

Fair, who executive produced all of Cole’s albums, says though the pre-album buzz isn’t as strong as it has been in the past, he’s not worried about the new album’s first-week sales.

“The record business is so perilous right now that it’s always, for me, a case of the tortoise not the hare,” Fair said. “What will be the ultimate judgment is where this record is in a year.”


Keri Hilson – A Day In The Life (Part 2) + Performs At ‘Ne-Yo & Friends’ Concert + Says Chris Brown Is Back In 'Good Graces' + Honey Mag Interview

VEVO recently released some new Keri Hilson footage. The above clip is their A Day In The Life (Part 2), and the clip below check out their official footage of Keri’s performance from the Ne-Yo & Friends AMA after-party concert.

Says Chris Brown Is Back in 'Good Graces'

Honey Mag Interview below


A Porter House Christmas

Travis Porter had a free concert to get toys for under privilege kids. Seems like the whole A & Beyond turned out to support the cause everyone form Big Sean to Treal Lee & Prince Rick to A-Towns own BPE YC with them Racks, Dose Mr Where they do that at, Rich Kids I see you, FLY letting Folks know they so outcha league, Rocko, 2 Chainz aka DTP's own Titty Boy. Verse simmons just to many to name and wasn't gonna try to put em all in the video if you missed it you should've been there Happy Holidays