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Def Jam’s November Cipher Sessions: Southern Edition Promo

Big K.R.I.T, Cyhi Da Prynce, cARTer & more will be performing live next Tuesday, November 23rd at S.O.B.s in NYC. 


Drumma Boy & Gucci Mane & J Futuristic - I Got Em


Tiny & Toya Dancing It Up At Sister 2 Sister 22nd Aniversary Party


Waka Flocka's Momager Debra Antney Talks Childhood Trauma in Both Their Lives

In a new interview with, Debra Antney reveals the trauma in her life that lead her – and her son – to the public eye.

My dad wasn’t that perfect man. He was an addict. At the age of 9 years old, I OD’d. There was no Bureau of Child Welfare to come to protect me. Me, playing with a mountain of heroin, thinking it was baby powder, it absorbed in my body. Those are stories that people don’t tell. Those are stories back then where there weren’t people there to save us. I remember sitting in the car with my father telling me to look out while he robbed a place that my moms was working. And I had to be the lookout. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. My father just told me to watch out, make sure the people ain’t come cause they had did something wrong and I had to look out. I remember going on 150th street strapped with deuces—you know, $2 bags of dope—around my body. I didn’t ask for this. There’s a lot of things I didn’t ask for but it was hand-delivered to me.

On realizing Waka blamed himself for his little brother’s fatal car accident:

My son was killed in 2000 and Waka was like 13 years old, going on 14. And it was hard. Since my son died,that’s when [Waka] flipped. He hated everything dealing with school because my son, his death was a sneak out the house to go help a kid with his homework before his father came home so the kid wouldn’t get a beating. Waka told him to go, he’ll cover for him. So [when he was biking home and killed by a car] Waka blamed hisself. He feels very responsible for my son’s death—that’s what flipped him out.

It wasn’t until recently [that I realized.] One night he just bust into my room and he was crying so hard and I jumped out the bed and I automatically started crying. I thought it was Gucci, ‘cause at that time Gucci was running so wild. I immediately started crying, like “Oh my God, what the hell happened?”—that time of the night somebody coming in the room. He just dropped to his knees and [was] like, “Ma, please forgive me.” I’m like, “What do you mean forgive you? What did you do?” I’m crying and I’m like “Where is Gucci?” Just yelling ‘cause I used to make him go to watch Gooch, like, ”Make sure Gucci’s okay,” ‘cause Gucci was going so wild. I’m still thinking something happened to Gucci and he’s not telling me ‘cause, like, where is he? Them two, you never seen one without [the other]—they were so inseparable it was pathetic. And then that’s when he told me: “I’m the one that told him he could go. I covered for him.” So all this time this kid walked around holding this stuff inside of him.

On her business split with Gucci:

In order for him to have grown up, he had to do things on his own. Every time he do something I’m right to the rescue to clean up, to do whatever. And he’s not gonna learn anything by doing that. We talked and he’s like, “Auntie I wanna create a label and I wanna be able to do this, to see if I can do this, and you just back me on it.” At first I was like “Oh, hell no.” It was so hard to just release and let him go, knowing the kind of person he is. But he’s like, “If I do this would you do that for me?” And he did, he went to rehab and he did what he had to do and I had to keep my word. It wasn’t what the people made it out to be. People took it somewhere that it wasn’t. I think all of us played roles in allowing the people to come in and crush the whole movement, because it had gotten so ugly. But it was to stay to back so he could do whatever he had to do; we had to keep playing the game.


Monica Is Recording New Album


In Stores Today: "Cutthroat: The Takeova"

Available on iTunes now! Click to order HERE


Woman Blames Hurricane Katrina For Delaying Lil Wayne Paternity Case

Lil Wayne paternity suit eight year old

The woman claiming to be Lil Wayne’s second baby-grandmama has offered an explanation as to why it took her so long to try to get Weezy to add his eight-year-old son to his messy blended family.

According to TMZ, Brenda Ann Brown says she’s been trying to get Wayne served with paternity papers since 2002. And it hasn’t worked?

If only that pesky Hurricane Katrina didn’t get in the way, Lil Wayne would’ve been forced to take a DNA test years ago to prove he fathered an 8-year-old boy … this according to the boy’s grandmother.

After the kid was born in 2002, his family “tried multiple times to get a paternity test” against Wayne only to face unforeseen delays — such as a massive natural disaster … so says his grandmother’s attorney.

According to the lawyer, the New Orleans court system moved at a ridiculously slow pace anyway — and after Katrina hit in 2005 … all sorts of court records pertaining to the case were destroyed … and their case was delayed by a matter of years.

But as we previously reported, the grandmother finally obtained a new court order requiring Weezy to submit to a DNA test … but the rapper was holed up at Rikers Island when he got the news.

The judge has since given Wayne until early-December to take the test … barring any more acts of God.


Keri Hilson Covers Jones Magazine's "Black Girls Rock" Winter Issue

Keri Hilson Jones Magazine cover shoot behind the scenes


The New Keri is Jones Magazine’s cover model for their “Black Girls Rock” issue, hitting newsstands on November 30.

Keri Hilson Jones Magazine Cover


Uncle Luke says: “Jay-Z is not a Devil Worshipper, he is my friend”

Uncle Luke is back at it again. Using his column on the Miami New Times to clarify, err, to opinionate once again. Luke wants to let you know that despite the controversial imagery that Jay-Z has been attached to in recent music videos, album artwork and photos – HE IS NOT A DEVIL WORSHIPER or part of the Illuminati. Here’s what Luke said:

All Jay-Z has done is work his ass off. Back in the day, he was on my pay-per-view program Luke’s Freakshow. At that time, he was hanging with Biggie Smalls and observing how the late rapper dealt with fame. He learned from other rappers’ mistakes, and that’s why he has lasted so long in the business.

Jay-Z is a loyal guy who is way ahead of the game — you don’t see him starting beef with other rappers or going to jail for stupid shit. But because he is so successful, and married to a very successful and famous woman (Beyoncé), people search for something screwed-up to say about him.

I don’t know any devil worshipers. And who knows, maybe Jay-Z and other rappers have some devil worshipers as fans. But that doesn’t mean entertainers are sacrificing virgins for Beelzebub. I didn’t even know who the Illuminati were until the Internet started buzzing that Jay-Z was one of them. It’s ridiculous. Jay-Z is a cool cat. He ain’t Hollywood. He is a regular guy. He is so fucking grounded. It is a shame people want to link him to this conspiracy.


Scam Artists Set Their Sights On Lil Wayne With Fake Tour

Scam artists have already set their sights on rap artist Lil Wayne, by attempting to book a phony "Lil Wayne/Young Money/Cash Money Family Tour."

The crooks have been contacting independent promoters across the United States impersonating the rapper's real manager, Cortez Bryant, using an official looking email address,

"It has come to light that an individual has been impersonating Bryant Management CEO Cortez Bryant, and Bryant Management operations manager Nina Packer, for financial gain through false bookings of a Lil Wayne featuring Young Money / Cash Money family tour," rep's for Cortez Bryant told "Phony email addresses have been targeting independent promoters across the nation in an attempt to solicit dates for a Lil Wayne headlined tour featuring artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, Birdman and others for spring 2011."

Cortez Bryant's rep has once again issued a statement clarifying the official booking agent for the rapper, who was released from prison on November 5th, after serving eight months in prison on Riker's Island for a gun violation.

"Lil Wayne, who is co-managed by Bryant Management and Hip Hop Since 1978, domestic tours are booked exclusively by Live Nation and Shawn Gee of SEFG, LLC," Bryant's rep said.

Lil Wayne's entire camp has been targeted by scam artists who have stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from promoters and fans, by impersonating Cortez Bryant or other representatives from Young Money/Cash Money.

In addition to Lil Wayne, the scam artists have targeted Drake and Nick Minaj several times.